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Welcome to my library of iOS development resources. I started this project to bookmark interesting articles from the community of iOS developers. I decided to share this work to help others to keep an ordered, quick to consult and searchable list of programming resources. Yes, but there's more

CocoaPods vs Carthage: which to choose

Author: Shashikant Jagtap

Original publish date: Mar, 04 2018

The two main tools to manage dependencies for Objective-C and Swift projects are CocoaPods and Chartage. But which one is best for me?

When using a Set instead of an Array can be convenient

Author: John Sundell

Original publish date: Mar, 04 2018

Setting up a list as an Array is almost always the first choice. But there are times when a Set can give benefits in speed and code cleanliness.

Animating iOS views with property animators

Author: Keith Harrison

Original publish date: Mar, 04 2018

Apple has introduced with iOS 10 an new object UIViewPropertyAnimator to animate views properties. This class in intended to animate views.

Errors handling in Swift

Author: Khawer Khaliq

Original publish date: Feb, 26 2018

Errors can happen, error handling is than a necessity. Wrap errors and give to the user a smooth experience is than a must. Swift has built in capabilities for a great error handling.

How to deal with storyboard merge conflicts

Author: Joe Keeley

Original publish date: Feb, 26 2018

When more developers work on the same storyboard base project merge conflicts are always behind the corner. Storyboards are XML files and merge conflicts can be a nightmare to resolve.

Maintenable architecture with code encapsulation in Swift

Author: John Sundell

Original publish date: Feb, 25 2018

The evolution of the code with new requirements, new business needs requests a maintainable architecture.
Designing clear dependencies is than a must. Encapsulate objects and responsibility is often a good practice.

Setting up and testing push notifications

Author: Deyan Aleksandrov

Original publish date: Feb, 22 2018

A step-by-step article to configure APN and implement push notifications in Swift. A very detailed walk through in preparing certificates, setting up Xcode.