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Welcome to my library of iOS development resources. I started this project to bookmark interesting articles and useful links and than I decided to share this work to help others to keep an ordered, quick to consult and searchable list of programming resources. Comments and new resources are welcome!

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Xcode Releases |

Xcode releases

Mar, 03 2018

More than you ever wanted to know™



Deep Dive into Bluetooth LE Security – Rtone IoT Security – Medium

Alexis Duque

Mar, 03 2018

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is becoming one of the most common wireless standards used today in IoT devices. Likewise, it is also becoming more commonly used in applications where sensitive…



Gentle Bytes - URL Request debugging

Gentle Bytes

Feb, 28 2018

For most iOS applications, we need to handle server communication. UIKit provides URLRequest which manages requests to server. In this post we’ll take a look at how we can extend it to simplify request debugging.



Understanding, Preventing and Handling Errors in Swift - Khawer Khaliq

Khawer Khaliq

Feb, 26 2018

This post examines the likely sources of errors in an application, taking steps to prevent errors and implementing error handling in Swift, thinking about robustness, resilience as well as usability.

debug swift


Handling Storyboard Merge Conflicts

Joe Keeley

Feb, 26 2018

Storyboards can get a bad rap, but are a helpful tool. Here's how to use them to your advantage and avoid common conflicts.



Code encapsulation in Swift — Swift by Sundell

Jhon Sundell

Feb, 25 2018

One of the biggest challenges when working on a continuously evolving code base is to keep things nicely encapsulated. Adding new capabilities without leaking abstractions can be really tricky.This week, let's take a look at a few techniques that can let us define more clearly encapsulated APIs in different situations.



iOS remote push notifications in a nutshell – Flawless App Stories – Medium

Deyan Aleksandrov

Feb, 22 2018

Apple push notifications is a powerful tool. In this article, I’ll guide you step by step how to integrate them into your project without hustle.

push notifications


Khanlou | Just Controllers

Soroush Khanlou

Feb, 21 2018

When we write iOS apps, we consider models and views that talk directly to each other as an anti-pattern. What we call MVC is more accurately described as model-view-adapter.



Imperative versus declarative code… what’s the difference?

Martin Novák

Feb, 11 2018

As a web developer you are likely using both paradigms with different code even if you may not be familiar with the terms. Programming languages tend to have multi-paradigm tendencies using both…



Edit Breakpoints in Xcode – iOS App Development – Medium

iOS Tech Set

Feb, 05 2018

Breakpoints play an important role in debugging, and Xcode offers powerful functions with them. Here are some tips with breakpoints to boost your efficiency while debugging. Now we know the sum is…