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Welcome to my library of iOS development resources. I started this project to bookmark interesting articles and useful links and than I decided to share this work to help others to keep an ordered, quick to consult and searchable list of programming resources. Comments and new resources are welcome!

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Everything about Codable in Swift 4 – Hacker Noon

Payal Gupta

Nov, 05 2017

As we are all aware, to support encoding and decoding of instances in iOS, a class must adopt the NSCoding protocol and implement its methods: init(coder:) and encode(with:) must contain the code for…



How not to get desperate with MVVM implementation – Flawless App Stories – Medium


Oct, 13 2017

Today we will make a simple app with Model-View-ViewModel and learn how to adapt it to design a better architecture. Let’s get started!



Wireless app installation & debugging in xcode 9 – Abhimuralidharan – Medium


Oct, 04 2017

We all know that Apple ships the most durable USB cables which last for a lifetime😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒. It was a pain for app developers to always connect and disconnect the device for app installation…



Supporting iPhone X

K Harrison

Sep, 18 2017

Regular articles about iOS development. What you need to know about Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, Auto Layout, WWDC and more.



Xcode “Targets” with multiple build configurations – Anderson Santos Gusmão – Medium

Anderson Santos Gusmão

Sep, 16 2017

A typical scenario for this situation is when you need to build one version of your app for iPhone and another specific version for iPad, probably you will need to share some part of your code and…



Instruments Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started |

Nicholas Sakaimbo

Sep, 13 2017

Learn the easy way to catch and fix memory leaks in your apps and make it faster and more responsive by using Instruments.



Carthage Tutorial: Getting Started |

Lorenzo Boaro

Sep, 04 2017

In this Carthage tutorial, you’ll learn all about what Carthage is, how to install it, and how to declare, install, and integrate your dependencies.

dependency manager


Generic Data Sources in Swift – Capital One Tech – Medium

Andrea Prearo

Jul, 05 2017

In the vast majority of iOS apps I’ve been working on, table views and collection views have been the most commonly used UI components. As setting up a table view or collection view requires a lot of…



Tuple in swift – Abhimuralidharan – Medium


May, 15 2017

Tuple is a group of different values represented as one . According to apple, a tuple type is a comma-separated list of zero or more types, enclosed in parentheses. It’s a miniature version of a…



How to Build a CMake-Based Project


May, 11 2017

CMake is a versatile tool that helps you build C/C++ projects on just about any platform you can think of. It's used by many popular open source projects including LLVM, Qt, KDE …