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Welcome to my library of iOS development resources. I started this project to bookmark interesting articles and useful links and than I decided to share this work to help others to keep an ordered, quick to consult and searchable list of programming resources. Comments and new resources are welcome!

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Setting up Swift and Objective-C Interoperability - iOS App Development - Medium


May, 08 2017

As Swift becomes more widely used the question arises: how to integrate the this new language and functionality with established objective-c code bases. Here I will explain how to integrate Swift…



Swift Retention Cycle in Closures and Delegate – Bob the Developer

Bob Lee

Mar, 25 2017

When I encountered closures and delegate for the first time, I’ve noticed people put [weak self] in closures and weak var in front a delegate property. I’ve wondered why. Don’t worry if you aren’t…



MVVM-C with Swift - Marco Santa Dev

Marco Santarossa

Mar, 20 2017

Article about MVVM-C using Swift as programming language.



Turning Data into Numbers in Swift | Cocoaphile


Mar, 20 2017

Here’s how to take a Data object and retrieve a scalar such as an Int or Double. Use the pointer to stored memory in the withUnsafeBytes method.



Swift Capture List in Closures – Bob the Developer

Bob Lee

Mar, 18 2017

Welcome back my lovely readers. It’s nice to see you here. Recently, I’ve been writing closure related topics including completion handler and functional programming since they were most dreaded…



Getting started with Bluetooth Low Energy on iOS – codeburst

code burst

Mar, 15 2017

One of the main features of the Bluetooth 4 specification is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Also called Bluetooth smart, this technology allows peripherals to communicate by consuming much less energy…



Pros and Cons of using Xcode Server for iOS Continuous Integration

Shashikant Jagtap

Mar, 12 2017

Continuous Integration a.k.a. CI is an integral part of iOS development process which gives early feedback when something breaks during application development. In an agile application development…

continuous integration


Conveniently finding UITableViewCells in XCUITest – Shoptimizer and more / Shoptimizer und mehr


Jan, 15 2017

Find out how you can easily access UITableViewCells in automated XCUITests.



Some Practical Uses for Xcode Build Schemes and Build Configurations (Swift)

Ted Bendixson

Nov, 27 2016

Have you ever wanted to use the exact same codebase for both a free version and a paid version of your iOS app? Does your client have both a development and a production server that the same code…



Xcode Visual Memory Debugger

K Harrison

Jul, 25 2016

Regular articles about iOS development. What you need to know about Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, Auto Layout, WWDC and more.